3 ways to have a relaxing time on a Cañon de la Vieja Adventure Tour

On a Cañon de la Vieja Adventure Tour you will have different types of adventures. When we think about adventures commonly we figure something rushing, sweating, exciting, rough and even dangerous. But on this unique location you will find so many different kinds of adventures that you will desire to stay forever.

This adventure tour invites you to know a unique type of lodging in the northwestern region of Costa Rica. This amazing complex remains next to the Colorado River just 10 minutes from the Liberia international airport. This location is perfect for a vacation time discovering the Guanacaste Province. Besides this a new style lodge, in here you will find so many activities to perform that you won’t desire to go farther.

Cañon de la Vieja Adventure Tour a new lodging style for demanding clients

The Cañon de la Vieja Adventure Tour brings you to a new lodge over the Colorado River Canyon. This is an amazing complex composed by different areas where to have grateful activities. There are Zip-lines cables, rock climbing walls, Class II and III rapids, swimming pools and more. And this is just a sight let’s take a look on some interesting relaxing adventures.

  1. Taking a Green spa treatment is an unforgettable experience. At the Canyon lodge you will find geothermal activity; and that’s why you can take a volcanic mud bath, a temperate water bath, a mud exfoliation and a relaxing massage. These are some of the therapies you can receive during your stay. This volcanic mud contains multiple minerals beneficial for the body recovery and the health improvement.
  2. Enjoying a wet bar while taking a sun tan is one of the formidable non-doing things you can have. Our swimming pool is equipped with a wet bar; where you can order, receive and delight of different cocktails, drinks and snacks; while you are refreshing under the water. This an exceptional place to leave all the stress behind and just focus on feeling the present moment.
  3. Tasting the best typical dishes is a delectable activity you can try during your stay at the lodge. Here you will find two main restaurants depending on what you desire. For breakfasts and lunches you can come to the Nimbu Restaurant which opens in the morning and at noon. And also you can choose the Almendros Restaurant which opens from noon to night.

These are three relaxing adventures you can enjoy while taking a Cañon de la Vieja Adventure Tour. Remember we will be glad to receive you any time of the year to give you an exceptional welcome and an unforgettable time.

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