Top 5 activities to perform on a Cañon de la Vieja Adventure Tour

The Cañon de la Vieja Adventure Tour takes you to an unbelievable place where can have complete action days and nights. You, maybe, have imagined a place as complete as this, but surely you have never visited one like this one. This fabulous place is encountered jus 8 km from the Liberia city in the Guanacaste province. Here we will show you some of the main activities you can perform during your stay.

Most of the visitors that come to this Central America Country are seeking for adventures and new things to do. That is why all these activities were putted together in a single and unbelievable centre. Let’s get to know The Canyon Lodge.

Cañon de la Vieja Adventure Tour things to do

  1. Rafting: it is incredible to float on a two or four person boat by the Class II and III rapids. In the morning you can get up, take a breakfast and get ready to board a bus to the river bank. The adventure starts and it is time to get wet and enjoy the adrenaline explosions.
  2. Canopy: it is amazing to climb up on a high tree to slide on a cable. You can reach high speed on this trial but the most important is to enjoy the view. On the top of the forest you can take a great sight of the canopy and the canyon.
  3. Horseback ride: it is fantastic to jump over a gentle horse for a ride. This splendid trip is more than just that; there are some experiences on something called Equine-therapy. This time spent on the horse helps people to improve confidence and interaction. We recommend you to take this therapy at the Cañon de la Vieja Adventure Tour.
  4. Hiking: it is marvelous to take a time for active meditation and there is nothing healthier than a walk on the country field. This is a unique opportunity to meet real nature, during this time you will observe birds, mammals and reptiles.
  5. Climbing: over the river’s canyon there is a fabulous climbing wall, natural formed and equipped by The Canyon Lodge Over this wall you can take different paths to climb up depending on your skill level. A very exciting time comes when you reach the top; and this is to rappel from the top of the canyon.

The Cañon de la Vieja Adventure Tour gives you a huge ground and background of opportunities to enjoy. Come and meet them all, we are waiting for you!

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