The canopy has a total of 8 cables and 16 platforms that travel from one end of the Colorado River canyon to the other, offering an impression view of the nature below. There are cables that vary in length from 150m to 360m long and 75 m high. As with the rafting tour, special security equipment is use and guides are always part of the tour to ensure our visitors safety. The journey lasts approximately 1 hour.


Hike Las Pailas and Cangreja Waterfall

Las Pailas trail is combined with the hiking to Cangreja Waterfall. La Cangreja Waterfall is a moderate 4km hike, which begins in a green forest that halfway through will change into dry forest vegetation. This is an interesting trail with varied flora and fauna.



This trip is about 3 kilometers (1.864 miles) long, and it takes approximately 1:10 hrs. To complete. We leave the hotel in a jitney bus and in about 10 minutes we arrive to the river bank where the tour starts. We use the safest equipment, helmets and life vests. Depending on the condition of the river, the dokis (inflatable boat) will also carry a guide.


Rappel-Rock Climbing

In the shallow part of the river you will be able to enjoy the adrenaline of descending our natural rock wall which measures 17m in height. Once you are at the foot of the wall you will proceed to climb it. The equipment used includes helmets, security harnesses and leather gloves.


Short Hike Las Pailas Trail

It is a 3km circular trail that is our most popular mainly because it is located in an area of secondary volcanic activity (mud vents and fumaroles) with interesting flora and fauna.



This is an activity that takes place on the Colorado River. The journey is 2 ½ km long and visitors will float comfortably in an inner tube supervised by expert guides that will take care of them for the whole trip, through the rapids and the still waters.