Cañón de la Vieja Lodge



Canopy Ride


The canopy has a total of 8 cables and 16 platforms which go
from one side of the Colorado River canyon to the other,
offering a stunning view of nature along the route.
As in rafting, special safety equipment is used and our guides
 will always be there ensuring the safety of our visitors.
The route takes around 1 hour with lines ranging
from 150m to 360m in length and 75m in height.

Rafting Ride


This is a 3km distance route that takes approximately 1 hour.
 We left the hotel on a transport from the adventure center and in 5 minutes we arrived at the river bank where we began our tour.
The equipment used is very safe, life jackets and helmets are
 used, and given the conditions of the river, a client is accompanied by their respective guide in each of the dokis (inflatable boats).

Rappel Climbing


On the river bank you can enjoy the adrenaline of descending our natural stone wall, which has a height of 17 meters.
Once down, you proceed to climb it.
The equipment used is helmets, safety harness and leather gloves.
The time this tour takes will basically depend on the agility of each person, however, our guides will accompany you at all times.

Tubing Ride


It is an activity on the Colorado River with a 2 ½ km route,
in which the client is comfortably seated in the tubing
supervised by expert guides who will take care of him
throughout the entire route, both in the rapids and in the pools.

Horseback Ride


Canyon de La Vieja Lodge offers you the beautiful
experience of a horseback ride across that Guanacaste
prairie in the company of a true Sabanero cowboy.
This service can last between 1 and 2 hours,
depending on your preference.
You will be able to admire the beauty of the
volcano and the view of its surroundings.